Book publishing and literary creation for all authors and writers   

Our Melonic publishing house cheers all authors to create, edit and publish their book in order to realize a valuable literary project and to share it with people. We believe that the written point of vu of any human being is as much important as others. Visit the responsibility page to publish a book in order to discover basic information before sending us your manuscript. It’s by communicating with other publishers that you will take conscience of the different relation that we have with our authors.

Online texts, poems, citation publishing and publishing project creation

Online text publishing allows authors to publish their poems, proverb, quotes, sayings, letters or other text in order to share original compositions with readers. More, texts can be used to create by example ; an invitation card, a congratulation letter, a wedding invitation, a publicity banner, a product catalogue, an annual calendar or a commercial brochure as presentation project to send or join people. We are creating a Website in three languages in three different domain names to offer a free Website design, market starting solutions and also for a personal business profitability.